Wednesday, June 12, 2019

DoFollow and NoFollow Links in 2019

All websites are connected with links. Some are Dofollow & some are Nofollow links. Both are very important in SEO. When it comes to link building then you will be hearing terms like index, noindex, external internal links & many other terms. Here you will learn all about links.

What are links?

Internet is like a web where webpages & sites are linked with each other. One of the live example is Google itself which is a hub of millions of links. For humans links are just a medium to go to other website but in SEO it is of different types. Generally it is of two types. Dofollow & Nofollow. A normal text which redirect to any other reference is called link.

What are Dofollow links?

In simple words Dofollow means following something or invite someone to follow. Dofollow links are very important for any website. By default any link is Dofollow. Dofollow links invites the Google bots & other bots to crawl the link.  Dofollow links gives authority & recognition. It is very essential to have dofollow links so you can start getting dofollow links by sign in to high PR 9 websites.

What are NoFollow links?

It is totally reverse to Dofollow links which anyone can understand because it has No word in it. This stops the bots to crawl the link. Many times bloggers need to mention source page or website in their website & the hidden truth is most of all are Nofollow links. But why? You can get your answer in next paragraph. As above said normal links are Dofollow by default but to make them Nofollow rel=”nofollow” attribute is added with link i.e. <ahref=”nofollow”>Link</a>

Dofollow vs Nofollow

There is no doubt that Dofollow links are best but don’t try to make only Dofollow links for your website. These leads to a penalty by Google. According to Google you should maintain the ration of 60:40 of Dofollow & Nofollow links as you know too much sweetness is bad for health. Same thing is implement here.
Generally guest articles get Dofollow links so they can get the proper juice. Guest posting is one of the best method to Dofollow links. Now come to Nofollow then you should maintain the ration of it. If you are giving too many external links in your website then you should make them no follow. Yes I know it is time consuming to make every link Nofollow but you can use Ultimate Nofollow plugin to make links Nofollow with a single click.

Why Dofollow Links are more important than Nofollow?

Dofollow links gives search engine recognition, indexing priority, authority & many other factors which are important to boost website ranking. There are millions of ways to get Dofollow & Nofollow links like social bookmarking, forums, commenting, & lots of more. As above said too much dofollow links leads to penalty which may be you don’t want to happen with your website. So keep a good ratio of both links.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Easy Way to Make a Website – Step by Step Guide

Easy Way to Make a Website – Step by Step Guide
Website also called as site is usually a page book that is served on internet. A common question arises in minds of new comers and business professional is how to make a website. Well before explaining the whole process, be certain that it is really simple to make a website. Now a days a person does not need to have technical skills like html and computer languages in order to make a website. Latest software and hosting services have provided a simple and easy to use interface for beginners. One can make his personal website and also a company website by oneself. Firstly have a look at some of the reasons why people create websites.

Reasons of creating a website

  • Sharing views through blogging: Bloggers make new and new posts for discussion. People share their views and knowledge on particular topics. So, websites make it simpler to provide a platform for people to interact globally.
  • Promotion of Business: When a new business is launched, it had to be reached to wider audience. Websites offer the ease to promote business. Products and services can be sold on web and delivered to the customers.
  • Organizational Exposure through websites: Different organizations and institutes provide various services for the public. Their missions, goals and services can be read at their websites.
  • Websites for educational purposes: Universities, colleges, educational institutes have websites where students can login and reach the online management system. Results have been put online. Educational materials are made available by creating websites.
  • Promoting Culture: Websites are used now a days to promote culture. Cultural happenings, handicrafts, literature, art is promoted on websites.
  • Religious websites: Religious websites offer easy place for people to share their religious issues. Religious training cab be given online. Religious books and beliefs can be found at particular religious websites.
  • Making Money through Websites: Making money through websites is a real fun and joy. Thousands of dollars are earned by freelancers and bloggers. A website of particular niche with adequate users generates revenue through advertising and selling goods. Many affiliate programs give publishers a percentage on every sale. There are many other ways through which money can be earned by having a well maintained website. So, make a website and run your own business.
Having listed the reasons why people create websites and publish content, let’s have a look at some requirements of making a website.

Requirements to make a Website

To make a website, a person need to have the following.
  • A Credit card or any other online payment account for purchasing.
  • A laptop or personal computer.
  • A working internet connection.
  • Time to develop, design and publish the website.
Well, these are 4 basic requirements. Everyone wishing to make a website usually have these.

Procedure of creating a simple Website

Following steps need to be followed if you want to build your own site. Make a website fast and simple in these 4 steps.

Step 1: Home Work and Domain Registration

This is the initial step to make a website. You need to select a name for your website. That name is called domain. You would have to register that domain at your own name. For example is a domain name. Firstly, domain name should be occupied. Several domain registrars are available at the web. Godaddy being the top domain registrar. Other popular domain registrars are namecheap, enom,, hostgator etc. Every domain registrar has its own package. Usually a .com domain can be bought in $8 to $12. It has to be renewed every year. So, a good home work is required to select the name and to make a website. Domain name has its role in SEO (search engine optimization). People usually remember attractive and simple domain names so avoid extra long domain names. A general website can be run on .com domain. An organization website on .org. An informative website on .info etc. But its totally personal choice. Sometime a desired name is not available on one top level domain name. For example, is not available, but is available. So, alternative TLDs can be used.

Step 2: Buy a Web Hosting

This is a crucial step in website creation. A domain name is useless without web hosting. Web hosting is essential for content to be published. Like domain registration, selection of a good web host also needs home work. There are hundreds of web hosting providers. You must choose a one that suits your needs. There are several points need to be considered in this regard.
A basic web hosting plan will cost you about $40 to $50. Price variations come from host to host. Cheaper hosting plans are also available. Domain registrars offer web hosting as well. But it is not mandatory to select same domain registrar and web host. Domain can be purchased from one registrar and hosting can be purchased from other. So, its upto the owner.

Step  3: Website Publishing Platform

Purchase of website is over once you have pay for domain and web hosting. Now you need to select a website developer to make a website. You can hire a person who is web expert. Or if you are familiar with html. you can start writing content on your website. Most of the people are unaware of these complexities. So, free softwares are available that can be installed on the website and they make publishing much much easier. They give the site admin a user interface like MS office where you can make a document and publish on web by one click. The most popular website publishing and maintaining service is offered by WordPress. WordPress need to be installed on the website by going into the control panel given by your web host at their site. After installation you only need to login as an admin or author and simply start publishing.
Apart from WordPress you can also use Drupal, Joomla, Weebly drop and drag site builder and many other. These software programs are usually given at one step free install by your web hosting provider.

Step 4: Start writing content / designing your site / Doing SEO

This is the last step to make a website. Now its time to show your artistic sense. Write the type of content that matches your website needs. Also start designing your website. Try to make your website attractive. Website developing software make it simpler for website publishers. It is useless to write content with having any reach to the audience. People usually go to search engines when they have any query. So, start SEO side by side. Your content must be discover-able and searchable. SEO is also a skill and art. You may learn it with time. Or simply you can hire an SEO specialist.
Hope, you find this post simple and informative in the quest to make a website. Questions, queries and comments are welcome. Do ask if you have confusion about any step. Subscribe to BloggingGuide website for latest updates.

Monday, March 4, 2019

How to Choose a Best Post Title in Blogging in 2019

How to Choose a Best Post Title in Blogging in 2019
Selection of a best post title is the primary task that is done before writing a great post. The importance of choosing a suitable and best post title can never be overemphasized. In this post, some light would be put on selection of a post title. That post title will work to fulfill the task of both SEO and visitor attraction.

Essentials of a best post title

There are certain characteristics of best post title. By best, suitable and attractive is meant. The post title must summarize the whole theme of your post. Try to squeeze all the ideas in your post title. Now days SEO has got immense importance. So, from the point of view of search engine optimization, title must have your keyword. The keyword has to be intelligently placed in post title. It is better to place keyword at the start of title.
Then another feature of this title is that it should be sufficiently long enough. This will serve many words and increase the chances of indexing. Do not limit the post title to 3 or 4 words.  A well chosen title will have many important words included in it.
Another consideration of a best post title is that it should not have stop words. Well this task is demanding. We face difficulties in avoiding stop words in post title. We usually use many stop words in our language. Stop words include words like ‘of’, ‘for’, ‘a’ etc. These words are not considered good in terms of SEO. Try to limit these words. You can do a little home work for choosing suitable post title. Use WordPress Plugins instead of Plugins of WordPress.
Avoid showy post titles. Many bloggers report that there top posts have one thing in common. These posts have titles in list form. For example, 5 WordPress themes that work. 7 things a blogger must avoid etc. These titles are starting from a number. The reason behind their high popularity is not understood fully.
These are some of the essentials of a best post title. Many other factors also contribute to post title perfection but these points are most important.

Useful tools to choose keywords for a Best Post Title

Most of the bloggers do not randomly select a post title. They do use some tools to refine and polish their keywords and add them in post title. Use Google Keyword planner to choose a keyword. It should then be placed in Title, URL and content of the post. Word tracker is also a very useful tool. Blogger also use software programs like Long tail pro.

Post Title and Search Volume of Search Engines

Search volumes of search engines present the power of a selected post title. Try different title and search them in search engines. You will see number of results available. Higher the number of search results lower will be your chance to get in top pages of Google. Similarly use this procedure for Bing and other top search engines. Make a rational choice.
In this search result we are getting 36 million results. As we add more words and refine our search terms for a suitable post title, this number will decrease.
So, we have added two more words in our search term which shows 2.6 million results. Lower the number means lesser competition. But obviously you can add more words to make a title suitable for the post.
In terms of numbers, consider two things.
  1. Keywords should have more searches over past time as shown in keyword planner.
  2. Post tile should have lower results when searched in Search engines.
Competition also has to be considered. Avoid titles and keywords with too much competition. Well, this all scheme applies for blogs that are new in the scenario and want to attract traffic through search engines. Obviously, it may not be the case when you have established readers base. 

Final Words

A post title has to be search engine friendly and attractive. Some factors have to be considered which are mentioned above. In short use long post titles containing keyword and having lower search competition.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

SEO for a new Website / Blog in 2019

SEO for a new Website / Blog in 2019
SEO for a new website / blog is very important. People starting new blogs have a great task in front of them to make their site search engine friendly. SEO as we all know is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is actually a practice and approach to optimize a site for better ranking by search engines.

Importance of SEO for a new website

The importance of SEO for a new website is far more as compared to a developed site. A new site does not have any linkings with other sites. People are unaware of the new content and new domain name. Search engines do not have any idea and confidence about the material hosted by the website. It make ranking and indexing difficult. Even if a website is indexed, it may not come near to the first few pages. In such a scenario a new website has to do some basic seo adjustments to start its journey.

Basic SEO practices which would be listed further down in the post are a key to publish your site on a strong footing. These will lay a foundation on which a beautiful and successful castle can be built.

Must performing SEO practices for a fresh Blog

In this post we would learn some basic seo skills and practices for a fresh blog. These are listed and explained below.

1) Site Title

An appealing site title is the first thing you would do in your new blog. Before publishing any post the site title must be written. In a WordPress blog, settings section provide the option for naming a blog. Similarly, themes also have this feature. You should keep in mind that the site title will appear with each and every post in the search result. A site title should include a word or two about which you have launched a site. During indexing search engine also will give weight-age to words present in your site tile.

2) Meta Description and Meta Keywords

These two are an important component of SEO for a new website. Meta description is a brief two line description about your blog. Try to add maximum material about your site in 160 characters or two lines. It should contains the essential keywords. For example, this website is named blogging guide and it circles around blogging, SEO and online income. A Meta description would not be appropriate if I do not include these words in the description.
Similarly, meta keywords are the keywords you most often use in your post titles. These are set of words separated by commas. These should be put in the header.php section of your WordPress theme along with your meta description.
You have to write your own keywords in place of K1, K2 and K3 each separated by a comma.

3) Submitting your site to Search engines

Submitting you content to major search directories is also a must practice in SEO for a new website. Submit the URL of your blog to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Do not submit your again and again in Google. It takes some time for the search engines to show your blog in search. Doing so too much will result in Google banning your website. Enter full URL of your website in Google search daily. You will see your site indexed in a matter of a week.

4) Creating a Webmaster account and submitting XML Sitemap

This practice will allow search engines to instantly recognize your new posts and present them for indexing. This practice in SEO for a new website has two main parts.
  • Creating a Webmaster account at Google and Bing.
  • Submitting XML sitemap of your website in Webmaster tools.
For creation of a webmaster account at Google webmaster tools use your Gmail I.D. Once you have entered the name of your website, there will be an option of submitting a sitemap. Sitemap can be manually submitted by generating it through an SEO plugin and adding in the given option at webmaster. Or, otherwise you can use a Sitemap generator  plugin on your WordPress program. Regularly visit the webmaster tools for any errors that may be present and need to be rectified. Bing webmaster tools can similarly be configured for your new blog.

Other SEO Practices

Apart from the above mentioned core practices, SEO for a new website has many other practices as well. These should also be applied on your blog with the passage of time. These are given as under.

Linking your Social media accounts with your Blog

Social Media is a great platform for getting your newly developed blog noticed. You can use your social media accounts and create pages on them specifically for your blog. Then the URL of these pages can be added in your blog so that people may like and follow your content on social media also. Accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest and StumbleUpon are a must.

Configuring Google Analytics and Alexa Rank

SEO for a new website will demand that you have made an account on Alexa and have owned the website. Similarly, Google analytics code should also be installed on your website. This will help you in tracking your page views and website rank.

Increase your Page load speed

Page load speed will also affect the SEO for a new blog. Search engine give preference to sites that load faster and rank them high. So, use technique like page compression, Javascript and CSS minification and page caching. These can be done by installing plugins from WordPress plugin store.
These were some essential SEO tips that will increase website position in search results. Waiting for your response in the comments section.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Best blogging platform in 2018

Best blogging platform in 2018

In the event that you need to make your own blog, however don't know how to pick the best blogging stage of 2018 to meet you and your requirements, if it's not too much trouble keep perusing. 

I will do my best to encourage you and I trust you'll get some direction picking the best blogging stage by investigating a portion of the stages I accept to be the most well known ones. 

Picking the best stage is vital on the off chance that you need to accomplish a fruitful blog. How would you know which blogging stage is ideal? What would it be a good idea for one to scan for?

When you are toward the starting, it is basic to search for a blogging stage that needn't bother with much involvement and is agreeable to work with. 

With time, your blog will have its development and right then and there are some fundamental advances you have to do with the end goal to develop your gathering of people. What's more, these means incorporate refreshing the look of your site and including more highlights. 

Consequently, it's vital that you pick a malleable stage with space for its progressing development. 

In addition, deciding on the best stage is vital in such a case that you leave with an unseemly stage you will experience serious difficulties changing to an alternate one.

WordPress is really one of the best blogging stages that is for the most part utilized by the vast majority, the two novices and experienced. It has two adaptations accessible, one of those variants is and the other is, or, in other words facilitated choice. 

Extraordinary compared to other things about them is that they are both free with open-source content administration frameworks (CMS) in light of PHP and MySQL. 

With the end goal to work, it requires establishment on a web server which is either part of an International facilitating administration or a system have in its very own right.

All things considered, 60% of the world's sites depend on it, which really makes it the most renowned blogging stage. Not just that it is an extraordinary free distributing instrument and a simple substance administration framework (CMS), it is additionally useful for everybody from incompetent bloggers to effective ones since it offers an extensive variety of paid and free custom subjects and modules. 

Besides, as a client you can pick to manufacture a blog at or you can make a self-facilitated blog utilizing your very own server and area at

Blogger is a free blog-distributing administration that was created by Pyra Labs in 1999, and afterward purchased by Google in 2003. It is easy to utilize and an extremely prominent decision. 

What's more, it's additionally a tolerable free administration for blogging that just needs a sign in with your Google ID and you can have your blog up and running in a matter of moments. 

Moreover, you can likewise modify it with new topics. Its drawback, is that it's a Google administration and they are known for closing down things that a huge number of individuals love utilizing.


  • Simple to utilize and oversee with no technicall abilities required; 
  • Enables you to securely store a large number of posts, photographs, and more with Google free; 
  • Has the extra preferred standpoint of Google's vast secure stage and unwavering quality;
Tumblr was influenced straightforward and essential so individuals to can without much of a stretch make their blog and put what they need on it. For instance, GIFs, joins, photographs, TV appears, stories, imbecilic jokes, savvy jokes, recordings, mp3, workmanship, form, and so on. 

It is really like hundreds million unique web journals, stuffed with actually anything. Submitting substance to a Tumblr blog from anyplace utilizing better than average versatile applications can really be effortlessly made and it's easy to alter your topic and make it your own. 

Moreover, it is additionally a small scale blogging stage with person to person communication includes that incorporate after different online journals, re-blogging, worked in sharing apparatuses, and the sky is the limit from there.


  • Has an incorporated online networking segment 
  • Being a small scale blogging apparatus, it make it easy to rapidly blog recordings, pictures, GIFs, and sound configurations; 
  • It is free and apprentice cordial

Wix is a cloud-based web improvement stage and was established in 2006 by Israelis Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan. 

Besides, it gives adjustable site formats and a simplified HTML5 web designer that incorporates applications, illustrations, picture exhibitions, textual styles, and different alternatives. 

Here are a portion of the advantages and disadvantages: 


  • Has simplified HTML5; 
  • Offers every minute of every day bolster; 
  • It has more than 500 site structures to look over; 
  • It's for nothing out of pocket; 
  • Simple to utilize and doesn't require any coding abilities;

Medium was gotten under way in 2012 by Evan Williams, and is presently extraordinary compared to other internet blogging stages since it's anything but difficult to work with. 

Besides, it is one of Twitter's authors accomplishments and it offers a full WYSIWYG UI when altering on the web, with a few choices for designing gave as the client redacts over rich content arrangement. 

This stage utilizes a framework named "applauds", or, in other words the "likes" on Facebook, with the end goal to cast a ballot articles and stories, named the Tag framework, and parts stories into various classes so the gathering of people can pick the favored adaptation of the story.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

The only way to rank high in the search engine rankings is to attract lots of high quality traffic to your website. This is just a must. In this article we will discuss some ways you can attract potential customers who will not just visit your website but will also stick around and explore, thus increasing your search engine rankings. Read on to learn more.
HTML coding is very important, and you must use it on your website. Many times new webmasters are unaware of this important aspect of running successful website. The best way to learn about it and understand its importance is to hire an SEO professional to have a look at your website and show you the ins and outs.
Another commonly misunderstood aspect of successful SEO is meta tags. Providing properly optimized meta descriptions and meta tags can be complex and is another topic you will want to address with a pro who can actually sit down with you and show you exactly what is needed.
It is a very good idea to get backlinks with other businesses who have websites in your niche. Other sites that sell related products and services can easily and credibly include links to your site as a valuable and helpful service for customers. Of course, you will do the same in return and increase your own perceived level of credibility.
Another good way to build credibility and attract good potential customers to your website is to make good use of your social media accounts. Create a social media page for your website so that you can share all of your great offers, deals, contests and more with the people you already know. When you consider the amount of sharing that could occur, it is easy to see that this is a great way to increase your customer base.
Add frequent, pertinent, interesting, valuable content to your website and announce it on your social media sites. This will help build your credibility and give you the status of an expert in your field. Additionally, the more often you add new information, the more often web crawlers will seek you out. This can add to your rankings.
Search engine crawlers like to have a good site map to follow. This makes navigation and ranking easy for them, so be sure to create a good site map and submit it to major search engines to be more certain of being properly ranked.
Do good keyword research with a free tool such as Google AdWords. Be sure to include key words and phrases in every aspect of your website from advertising, to files, to titles, to URL. Be sure to pay close attention to the percentage of keywords that is currently considered optimal. Use keywords naturally and gracefully for best rankings and easier readability.
Do not use flash. Many people have older computers or types of computers that have problems with flash. Additionally, it can adversely affect your search engine rankings because the crawlers also tend to have problems with it.
SEO can be easy, but it also takes a bit of time. Be that as it may, when done properly optimizing your website can really increase your rankings and bring you lots of great business. Follow the tips presented here for SEO success.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

How to Get Google Page Rank Quickly

How to Get Google Page Rank Quickly

Now a days many bloggers worried about the Page Rank and some bloggers have their dream to Get Page Rank. If Your Blog is having Page Rank then it shows that your blog is Driving Good Traffic and Your blog is a Pro Blog. Many bloggers want to get page rank but they failed because of less knowledge about SEO. So Now I m here to help you and that bloggers which didn’t get Page Rank. Traffic=PageRank

Write Quality Content

Writing Quality Content is the most important way to attract visitors. Just Think if you write a valuable article on your blog which is helpful to your readers and always try to provide free tips. Now Your blog is getting traffic and more traffic you will get then Page Rank will be More.

Create Quality Backlinks

Without Creating Quality Backlinks you can’t get much traffic. Backlinks gives a huge traffic to your blog. But remember never try to make backlinks from sites that provide ” Make 2500 Backlinks for Free”.

Accept Guest Posts

Guest Posting is great for search engines. It Builds relationship between bloggers. Doing Guest Post on high rate blogs will give you traffic by the readers of that blog.

Update Your Blog Frequently

Update your blog frequently for getting more Google quires. Write one article daily on your blog  for getting more traffic. If You Can’t update regularly then just open once it in a day.

Add Keywords Properly

Add keywords in your blog post properly because it is the main process from which your blog will be crawled in search engines at high rate. Adding Keywords is the Leading Process of SEO.

Use Forums

Getting Traffic from forums is the oldest way to increase readers of your blog and your online appearence. If you want to get huge traffic from forums you have to reveal a secret and post it into the forum with your blog link.

Social Networking

Social sharing is the common thing which many bloggers do to get traffic on their blogs. But the traffic from social networking is not organic traffic.