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How To Write A Resume

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Though you are a fresher or experienced, it is a most important thing to write a clear and proper resume. When you are going for attending an interview, you must have to submit your resume first. Resume explains your background, qualifications, skills etc to the interviewer. The interviewer can also understand your writing skill through the resume. I have described below about the structure of a basic resume.

Basic structures of a resume

  1. Name: In the top of the resume you have to write your name clearly. So, the interviewer sees your name first. You can align your name in the center or left side of your resume.
  2. Contact details: After your name, the next important thing is to write your contact details. In this section, you must write your email address and mobile number. When an interviewer refers your resume they can easily contact you with your given email address and mobile number.
  3. Photo: You can insert your passport size photo to the right side of your name and contact details. Make sure that the photo is recent and in formal dresses.
  4. Career Objective: The next most important point is career Objective. Career Objective must be unique and effective. In one or two lines you have to say what you want to be in future and how you make your company successful. You can use different objectives for the different job.
  5. Educational Qualifications                                                                                  Basic Qualification: In this point, you must mention your marks, school/college name, etc. You can write it in the tabular forms or bullet forms.                                           Other curricular activities: Here you can write about your other academic qualifications such as a diploma, certificate, etc.
  6. Work Experience: If you are a fresher, you don't have any work experience you can write here no experience. But if you have any experience it is better for you to mention this in your resume.
  7. Languages Known: Write the languages you know.
  8. Hobbies: You can also mention your hobbies that what you like to do.
  9. Personal Strengths: In this section, mention those things which you can do confidently. In short, write about your confidence level.
  10. Personal Details: Write your name, date of birth, father's name, mother's name, etc.
  11. Declaration: And finally you must declare that the above statements are true.
   In the left side of the footer section, must include date and place and in the right side thanks to the employer with your name.
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