Saturday, August 25, 2018

Getting To Know Adsense Program And The Number One Rule

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How does the Google Adsense program operates for Webmaster’s looking to gain income from their blogs and websites?

The revenue format is simple. The webmaster pays Google for displaying their ads and Google pays you back when visitors click on these ads through your website. The ads are targeted according to the keywords entered by the user and the content you use. If you for example write about beauty and fashion tips, your Google Adsense will display beauty and fashion related ads.
The thing here is, the webmaster is paying Google to display ads across sites with an Adsense account in hopes that they get real traffic and more exposure for the products and services, and drive sales as a result. If you click on ads yourself , or tell others to click on these ads or use robots and other systems to click on these links, you are actually “stealing” that money from website owners and Google who want real targeted ads from people who are really interested to click on them. If you pay Google to advertise your business on Google ads, wouldn’t you feel scammed if your ads are clicked by people with no real interest in your ads? For this reason, Google doesn’t tolerate invalid/fake links from Webmaster’s who do so just to generate Adsense revenue.
There are more legit and efficient ways to maximise your earning potential such as writing great quality content regularly and customising the appearance of your ads.
You shouldn’t tell your friends and family to click on your ads to help you out. This isn’t a car boot sale and you’ll have to understand that the ads are not yours and someone else paid Google to display their ads in hopes on getting clicks from people who are really interested in what you have to offer.
If you have to resort to these sort of tactics, it means that you are not optimising your Adsense account to its fullest potential.
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