Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Google Knows Everything About You

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What Does Google Know?


In our busy life, Google is becoming a great assistant for us. Google can solve most of our every query. By the using of android smartphone, our life becomes easier and smart. Because, the Android operating system is a product of Google. That's why, Google keeps track of everything, where I am going, what I am searching, etc.

Take a common day of your own life. What time do you go to school, college or office, what is the route of the office from home and how much time do you spend in the office, Google keeps collecting all these information through your android phone. How much time did you spend on the internet, somewhat websites did you see, all this data is collected from your devices. In the evening, which restaurant you have searched for, which movie tickets you have booked online, they all know Google too.
Everything keeps track on your device.

But how does all this happen?

We all use the chrome browser which is from Google Company. So it keeps all your online activity save on your browsing history by using cookies. If your phone has GPS and location tracking enabled, then Google knows about your location.

If you search something by using your voice, then the recording also remains in the history. Google keeps a record of every history. Apart from this, many things Google knows about you.

What does Google know about me?

Do you actually want to know what does Google know about you? Just go to and sign in with your existing Gmail account. Now you can see all your activities performed in the past. You can filter these by using date and product.

How to do this?

After signing with your Gmail account you can see all the services of Google such as CHROME, ANDROID, SEARCH, ADS, YOUTUBE, etc. In the upper left corner of the homepage of “myactivity” click on Item view, you will see all your todays history. Click on plus button for filtering the history by date and product. For Example: Maps and select “All time” and click on search”, all the history of Maps are shown which you searched earlier.

How to stop this?

Only you can see the activities which was saved by Google about you and also control and delete these activities too by clicking Activity Controls in left side menu. You can disable the all these activities. Google could not track you in the future by turning off these settings.

If you search for anything in the future, they are not saved in search history, all the future history will be paused. Such as, location history. If you disable the location history Google cannot save your history, which Place you have searched in Google Maps and where you have visited. Like this, you can disable all the activities of Google in the Activity Control menu.

The negative side is that, if you disable these settings some services could not work properly. For example: if you turn the location history off, Google cannot locate your device. That's why, if your phone will be stolen in future you cannot use this feature for tracking your phone location where it is available now.

Google shows you some ads by your online behavior and Google can guess accurately about your interested products and services. And Google creates a behavioral profile about you.
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