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Make Money With Domain Names

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Learn here how to make money with domain names even you don't have a website or blog. It's true, you can make money online by buying and selling domain names and while your domain names are parked until your website or blog is launched.

Make Money With Domain Names

    What is a Domain Name?

    Domain name is the unique text, descriptive or non-descriptive name that corresponds to the numeric IP address of a computer or a website in the internet. Internet users normally use the domain name to access a web page, website or blog because it is easy to remember than the numeric IP address.

    Like in, its IP address is When is clicked, the Domain Name ( will be translated to IP Address ( to locate the computer or the web server in the internet. That is done through the help of Domain Name System (DNS) that translates domain names to IP addresses. If you click the IP address or copy and paste the IP Address to your browser's address and press enter, it will directly point you to Google's website.

    In the Domain name of, "Google" is the second-level domain and ".com" is the top-level domain. The second-level and top-level domain are the ones offered by the Domain Name Registrar like Netfirms for anyone who wants to register a domain at various prices. The common top-level domain names are .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz and .ws. These are falling under Generic Top-Level Domain or gTLD. There are also a country code Top-Level Domain or ccTLD. Some of popular ccTLD are .us, .uk, .au, .ca, .ru, and .jp. See complete list of gTLD and ccTLD at Wikipedia.

    How to Make money with Domain Names?

    Do you know that there are many internet users who directly type-in the domain names on their web browsers. It could be a domain names of an existing websites or blogs or a domain names of websites under construction or totally non-existing, unregistered domain names.

    Making Money With Domain Parking

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising sites, including Google, grab the opportunity of making money with parked domain names or domain names of websites or blogs under construction. They place PPC ads on these domain names to capture the type-in web traffic. If these domain names are accessed by the internet users, they display and advertising links. Every click to these PPC ad links makes money to the PPC sites and to the owner of the domain name. See these examples by typing these Domain names in your web browser: or

    Google offers an Adsense program for parked domain pages. Google uses its technology to analyze and understand the meaning of the domain names. So, AdSense for parked domain names delivers targeted advertisements to help the users find what they're searching for. See more of Google's FAQs on Adsense program for Domain Parking.

    However, Google's Adsense for parked domain pages is offered to domain name registrars and large domain name holders only. But don't worry, there are popular domain parking sites that will help you make money with parked domain names for holders of few domain names. They partnered with PPC sites to place PPC ads on their parked domain names. Some of popular domain parking sites are Sedo, and TrafficClub. They offer revenue share on PPC ads to holders of few domain names. GoDaddy is also offering this Domain Parking scheme in its Cash Parking program (under "Domains" Drop-down menu), but with monthly fee.

    Making Money by Trading Domain Names

    Trading Domain names is a very good home business to make money online. Domain names are treated as trading product and real estate property that you can buy and sell. You buy domain names at lower price and sell at a very high price in the future. You may buy a domain name by registering it with Domain name registrar for a minimum of one year. You must have seen at Sedo the prices of domain names offered for sale and sold. And fortunately, Netfirms offer a very good promo on domain name registration with Whois Privacy that hides the real owner's confidential information from public view. You may also try other big Domain registrars like GoDaddy.

    Choosing The Right Domain Names

    Choosing Domain name is the challenging part of making money with Domain names. Here are the tips on choosing the right Domain names that make money:

    1. Choose and register keyword with ".com" top-level domain. Most of the internet users type-in the name of website or the keyword with ".com" at web browsers.

    2. Avoid using dash in Domain name. If you are building your own website or blog in the future, you may choose Domain name with dash as search engines give some points to the keywords in Domain name.

    3. Use Search keyword tool like Google Keyword Tool. This will show you the no. and the average of searches in a month, for the keyword and synonyms of your chosen the domain name.

    4. Choose one to two keyword Domain names like and

    5. Search and register Domain names with popular keywords. Always look out for the keywords that are popular in the world, in other countries, in your country and in your local area, both in English and other languages:

    Some ways are given below for finding or selecting popular keyword for domain names:

i) Name of popular websites or blogs, hosted in free hosting sites like Blogger (, Wordpress (, Bravenet ( and Tripod (

    ii) Names of popular websites or blogs with different registered domain name. You may find popular blogs and websites at, and other top blog and website directories and networks.

    iii) Names of rich and famous people like celebrities, businessmen, bloggers, webmasters, politicians, professors, students, reporters, news casters, broadcasters, scientists, inventors, government officials, association officers, club officers and activists.

    iv) Names of famous structures like buildings and towers.

    v) Names or titles of famous events to be held likes shows, exhibitions, car racing, and tournaments.

    vi) Titles of famous books and magazines including gazettes, newsletters, school papers, comics and other reading materials.

    vii) Names of famous animals and plants including insects, flowers, vegetables, trees and fruits.

    viii) Popular games and sports like football, soccker, rugby, baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, billiards, boxing, and cricket.

    ix) Top keywords like top, popular, famous, top1, top10, top7, top100, hot and other superlative words like most, best, highest, greates, and

    x) Feminine words like girls, female, lady, gals, sexy and beautiful.

    xi) Common misspelling of popular websites and keywords. For example, is typed as or while as

    xii) All popular names, things and words including slang and hybrid words.

    6. Take note of the famous or popular things, words and events you've encountered, discovered or heard.

    Benefits of Making Money with Domain Names

    1. You make money while you are building your own website or blog.

    2. If you have an idle domain name, you make money without additional cost.

    3. With Domain parking, you make money without doing anything even while you're sleeping.

    4. You get quotations from interested buyers without spending a dime.

    5. You may earn thousands of dollars as profit in selling your domain names.

    Disadvantages of Making Money with Domain Names

    1. You need to invest some amount of money for buying or registering Domain names.

    2. If your Domain name is not sold within a year, you have to pay for its renewal for another year.

    3. You need time and effort to research for a profitable domain name.

    4. You may lose some amount in you've not chosen a profitable Domain name.

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