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Most Common Interview Questions For Fresher's

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Interview Questions for Freshers

1. Tell me about yourself?

To answer this question
  • Start with your name
  • Give your place information
  • Educational information
  • Job experience (if you have any)
  • Family details


My name is Raj Choudhury. I am from Kolkata, but now living in Delhi. I have completed my college in AVIT in 2014; I did my school in GGH School in 2012. Coming to my family it's the triangular family, my father is a businessman, and my mother is a home maker.
   That's all about me.

2. Why should I hire you?

  • Share your knowledge
  • Work experiences
  • Skills related to job
  • Career goals


Sir, as I am a fresher, I have theoretical knowledge but I can do hard work for my organization. And I will put my efforts for the good progress of organization. Being punctual and sincere, I can finish the job given to me on time and try my best to fulfill all the needs of company from me.
Sir, you should hire me because I am a hardworking person, trust worthy and have perseverance. I have the qualifications and skills that your company is looking for. I can do my task efficiently and to love my work with dedication.

3. Why do you want to work at our company?

  • Tell them what you like about company
  • Relate it to your long term career goals


Sir, as I am fresher I need good platform to start my career and prove myself and your company has a good reputation in the competitive world. I would be very happier if I get opportunity's to work then I will prove myself and always give a good result. I can showcase my skills and knowledge to contribute to the company growth.
Sir, it is a great privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours. When I read about your company I found that my skills are matching your requirements where I can showcase my technical skills to contribute to the company's growth.

4. What are your strengths?

  • Adaptability
  • Hard working
  • Honest
  • Flexibility
  • Optimistic
  • Fast decision making
  • Persistence
  • Self-motivated


I am honest, self-motivated and hardworking person with positive attitude towards my career and life.
My strength is I am self-motivated, have positive attitude and focused mind.

5. What are your weaknesses?

  • Straightforward
  • Impatient
  • Sensitive
  • More talkative
  • Trust people very quickly
  • I can't say no when someone ask for help
  • Take decisions very quickly
  • Gets nervous when talk to strangers
  • To speak lie is difficult for me
  • I am a bit lazy about which I am not interested


I can't say no when someone ask for help and I am a bit lazy about which I am not interested.
My greatest weakness is I keep on thinking things and it will not stop until finishing those things on time.

6. Where do you see yourself five years from now?


After 5 years I would like to see myself as a successful person, who is not dependent on anyone and who is skilled enough to face or deal all the challenges in life that comes in future.
Difficult to predict, but yes I would like to be at such a position where I can help growing the organization and help my team to meet the customer satisfaction in an effective & timely manner.

7. Tell me what you know about the company?

  • Study about the company in details
  • Do the background work about new projects
  • Know the names of the owners and partners
  • Research about the company's current issues
  • Update your knowledge about their competitors


Sir, it is one of the fastest growing company in India. The work environment of the company is good. People feel proud to be part of company as company provides full support to their employees in professional front. It has cross the branches in the world. So, I have a good opportunity to show my talent.

8. What are your salary requirements?

  • Never share your salary requirements as a fresher
  • Experienced candidate can share their expected salary
  • Always say as per company norms for the job


I am a fresher. Salary is not first priority for me. This is a big platform to start my career and I also want to improve my knowledge and skill and gain experience. So I expect a considerable of salary according to my ability and your company's norms which fulfill my economical needs.
Actually I am not particular with the salary because my priority now is to have a stable career first. So I am open to any salary and I know that your company is offering a salary which is based on the job qualifications.

9. What are your career goals?

  • Short term goal
  • Long term goal


My short term goal is to get a job to a reputed company where I can utilize my skills and experience and improved my career path. My long term goal is to be in respectable position in that organization.
My short term goal is to get a job in a reputed company because it's a great privilege for everyone to work in a reputed company. My long term goal is to become a knowledgeable and responsible personality & respected position on my life.

10. What is the difference between hard work and smart work?


Hard work requires physical effort and consumes lots of time and smart work reduces those times by applying mental effort to complete a work on time.
When a work is given to us we should be able to think how we can solve the problem. If we done the work using our brain and techniques we can save the time and stress means it is Smart work. If we done the work without technique it would take time. But in my opinion hard work gives us experience which leads to do smart work.

11. What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?


Confidence is a positive feeling, if you work hard and prepare yourself for achieving your goals and then believe in yourself this is confidence. Overconfidence is that you are all prepared and you don't need to work hard.
Confidence believes in oneself. But over confidence believes that you are the only one to do certain tasks.

12. Do you have any question to ask me?

  • Express thanks
  • Salary structure
  • Job timings
  • Overtime allowance
  • Training period
  • Transport facility


Thank you sir, for giving me this opportunity. Yes sir I would like to ask one question. Apart from this I got selected or not can you please tell me what the things are that I need to improve.
Thank you sir, for giving me this opportunity. I would like to know more about the company, and what improvement should I bring in me to become a more efficient employee if I get selected.
Thank you sir, for giving me this opportunity. Sir I would like to know about the job timings and transport facility and what will be the job location and salary scale for this job in your organization?
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