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SEO for a new Website / Blog in 2019

SEO for a new website / blog is very important. People starting new blogs have a great task in front of them to make their site search engine friendly. SEO as we all know is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is actually a practice and approach to optimize a site for better ranking by search engines.

Importance of SEO for a new website

The importance of SEO for a new website is far more as compared to a developed site. A new site does not have any linkings with other sites. People are unaware of the new content and new domain name. Search engines do not have any idea and confidence about the material hosted by the website. It make ranking and indexing difficult. Even if a website is indexed, it may not come near to the first few pages. In such a scenario a new website has to do some basic seo adjustments to start its journey.

Basic SEO practices which would be listed further down in the post are a key to publish your site on a strong footing. These will lay a foundation on which a beautiful and successful castle can be built.

Must performing SEO practices for a fresh Blog

In this post we would learn some basic seo skills and practices for a fresh blog. These are listed and explained below.

1) Site Title

An appealing site title is the first thing you would do in your new blog. Before publishing any post the site title must be written. In a WordPress blog, settings section provide the option for naming a blog. Similarly, themes also have this feature. You should keep in mind that the site title will appear with each and every post in the search result. A site title should include a word or two about which you have launched a site. During indexing search engine also will give weight-age to words present in your site tile.

2) Meta Description and Meta Keywords

These two are an important component of SEO for a new website. Meta description is a brief two line description about your blog. Try to add maximum material about your site in 160 characters or two lines. It should contains the essential keywords. For example, this website is named blogging guide and it circles around blogging, SEO and online income. A Meta description would not be appropriate if I do not include these words in the description.
Similarly, meta keywords are the keywords you most often use in your post titles. These are set of words separated by commas. These should be put in the header.php section of your WordPress theme along with your meta description.
You have to write your own keywords in place of K1, K2 and K3 each separated by a comma.

3) Submitting your site to Search engines

Submitting you content to major search directories is also a must practice in SEO for a new website. Submit the URL of your blog to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Do not submit your again and again in Google. It takes some time for the search engines to show your blog in search. Doing so too much will result in Google banning your website. Enter full URL of your website in Google search daily. You will see your site indexed in a matter of a week.

4) Creating a Webmaster account and submitting XML Sitemap

This practice will allow search engines to instantly recognize your new posts and present them for indexing. This practice in SEO for a new website has two main parts.
  • Creating a Webmaster account at Google and Bing.
  • Submitting XML sitemap of your website in Webmaster tools.
For creation of a webmaster account at Google webmaster tools use your Gmail I.D. Once you have entered the name of your website, there will be an option of submitting a sitemap. Sitemap can be manually submitted by generating it through an SEO plugin and adding in the given option at webmaster. Or, otherwise you can use a Sitemap generator  plugin on your WordPress program. Regularly visit the webmaster tools for any errors that may be present and need to be rectified. Bing webmaster tools can similarly be configured for your new blog.

Other SEO Practices

Apart from the above mentioned core practices, SEO for a new website has many other practices as well. These should also be applied on your blog with the passage of time. These are given as under.

Linking your Social media accounts with your Blog

Social Media is a great platform for getting your newly developed blog noticed. You can use your social media accounts and create pages on them specifically for your blog. Then the URL of these pages can be added in your blog so that people may like and follow your content on social media also. Accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest and StumbleUpon are a must.

Configuring Google Analytics and Alexa Rank

SEO for a new website will demand that you have made an account on Alexa and have owned the website. Similarly, Google analytics code should also be installed on your website. This will help you in tracking your page views and website rank.

Increase your Page load speed

Page load speed will also affect the SEO for a new blog. Search engine give preference to sites that load faster and rank them high. So, use technique like page compression, Javascript and CSS minification and page caching. These can be done by installing plugins from WordPress plugin store.
These were some essential SEO tips that will increase website position in search results. Waiting for your response in the comments section.

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