Wednesday, June 12, 2019

DoFollow and NoFollow Links in 2019

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All websites are connected with links. Some are Dofollow & some are Nofollow links. Both are very important in SEO. When it comes to link building then you will be hearing terms like index, noindex, external internal links & many other terms. Here you will learn all about links.

What are links?

Internet is like a web where webpages & sites are linked with each other. One of the live example is Google itself which is a hub of millions of links. For humans links are just a medium to go to other website but in SEO it is of different types. Generally it is of two types. Dofollow & Nofollow. A normal text which redirect to any other reference is called link.

What are Dofollow links?

In simple words Dofollow means following something or invite someone to follow. Dofollow links are very important for any website. By default any link is Dofollow. Dofollow links invites the Google bots & other bots to crawl the link.  Dofollow links gives authority & recognition. It is very essential to have dofollow links so you can start getting dofollow links by sign in to high PR 9 websites.

What are NoFollow links?

It is totally reverse to Dofollow links which anyone can understand because it has No word in it. This stops the bots to crawl the link. Many times bloggers need to mention source page or website in their website & the hidden truth is most of all are Nofollow links. But why? You can get your answer in next paragraph. As above said normal links are Dofollow by default but to make them Nofollow rel=”nofollow” attribute is added with link i.e. <ahref=”nofollow”>Link</a>

Dofollow vs Nofollow

There is no doubt that Dofollow links are best but don’t try to make only Dofollow links for your website. These leads to a penalty by Google. According to Google you should maintain the ration of 60:40 of Dofollow & Nofollow links as you know too much sweetness is bad for health. Same thing is implement here.
Generally guest articles get Dofollow links so they can get the proper juice. Guest posting is one of the best method to Dofollow links. Now come to Nofollow then you should maintain the ration of it. If you are giving too many external links in your website then you should make them no follow. Yes I know it is time consuming to make every link Nofollow but you can use Ultimate Nofollow plugin to make links Nofollow with a single click.

Why Dofollow Links are more important than Nofollow?

Dofollow links gives search engine recognition, indexing priority, authority & many other factors which are important to boost website ranking. There are millions of ways to get Dofollow & Nofollow links like social bookmarking, forums, commenting, & lots of more. As above said too much dofollow links leads to penalty which may be you don’t want to happen with your website. So keep a good ratio of both links.
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