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Easy Way to Make a Website – Step by Step Guide

Easy Way to Make a Website – Step by Step Guide
Website also called as site is usually a page book that is served on internet. A common question arises in minds of new comers and business professional is how to make a website. Well before explaining the whole process, be certain that it is really simple to make a website. Now a days a person does not need to have technical skills like html and computer languages in order to make a website. Latest software and hosting services have provided a simple and easy to use interface for beginners. One can make his personal website and also a company website by oneself. Firstly have a look at some of the reasons why people create websites.

Reasons of creating a website

  • Sharing views through blogging: Bloggers make new and new posts for discussion. People share their views and knowledge on particular topics. So, websites make it simpler to provide a platform for people to interact globally.
  • Promotion of Business: When a new business is launched, it had to be reached to wider audience. Websites offer the ease to promote business. Products and services can be sold on web and delivered to the customers.
  • Organizational Exposure through websites: Different organizations and institutes provide various services for the public. Their missions, goals and services can be read at their websites.
  • Websites for educational purposes: Universities, colleges, educational institutes have websites where students can login and reach the online management system. Results have been put online. Educational materials are made available by creating websites.
  • Promoting Culture: Websites are used now a days to promote culture. Cultural happenings, handicrafts, literature, art is promoted on websites.
  • Religious websites: Religious websites offer easy place for people to share their religious issues. Religious training cab be given online. Religious books and beliefs can be found at particular religious websites.
  • Making Money through Websites: Making money through websites is a real fun and joy. Thousands of dollars are earned by freelancers and bloggers. A website of particular niche with adequate users generates revenue through advertising and selling goods. Many affiliate programs give publishers a percentage on every sale. There are many other ways through which money can be earned by having a well maintained website. So, make a website and run your own business.
Having listed the reasons why people create websites and publish content, let’s have a look at some requirements of making a website.

Requirements to make a Website

To make a website, a person need to have the following.
  • A Credit card or any other online payment account for purchasing.
  • A laptop or personal computer.
  • A working internet connection.
  • Time to develop, design and publish the website.
Well, these are 4 basic requirements. Everyone wishing to make a website usually have these.

Procedure of creating a simple Website

Following steps need to be followed if you want to build your own site. Make a website fast and simple in these 4 steps.

Step 1: Home Work and Domain Registration

This is the initial step to make a website. You need to select a name for your website. That name is called domain. You would have to register that domain at your own name. For example is a domain name. Firstly, domain name should be occupied. Several domain registrars are available at the web. Godaddy being the top domain registrar. Other popular domain registrars are namecheap, enom,, hostgator etc. Every domain registrar has its own package. Usually a .com domain can be bought in $8 to $12. It has to be renewed every year. So, a good home work is required to select the name and to make a website. Domain name has its role in SEO (search engine optimization). People usually remember attractive and simple domain names so avoid extra long domain names. A general website can be run on .com domain. An organization website on .org. An informative website on .info etc. But its totally personal choice. Sometime a desired name is not available on one top level domain name. For example, is not available, but is available. So, alternative TLDs can be used.

Step 2: Buy a Web Hosting

This is a crucial step in website creation. A domain name is useless without web hosting. Web hosting is essential for content to be published. Like domain registration, selection of a good web host also needs home work. There are hundreds of web hosting providers. You must choose a one that suits your needs. There are several points need to be considered in this regard.
A basic web hosting plan will cost you about $40 to $50. Price variations come from host to host. Cheaper hosting plans are also available. Domain registrars offer web hosting as well. But it is not mandatory to select same domain registrar and web host. Domain can be purchased from one registrar and hosting can be purchased from other. So, its upto the owner.

Step  3: Website Publishing Platform

Purchase of website is over once you have pay for domain and web hosting. Now you need to select a website developer to make a website. You can hire a person who is web expert. Or if you are familiar with html. you can start writing content on your website. Most of the people are unaware of these complexities. So, free softwares are available that can be installed on the website and they make publishing much much easier. They give the site admin a user interface like MS office where you can make a document and publish on web by one click. The most popular website publishing and maintaining service is offered by WordPress. WordPress need to be installed on the website by going into the control panel given by your web host at their site. After installation you only need to login as an admin or author and simply start publishing.
Apart from WordPress you can also use Drupal, Joomla, Weebly drop and drag site builder and many other. These software programs are usually given at one step free install by your web hosting provider.

Step 4: Start writing content / designing your site / Doing SEO

This is the last step to make a website. Now its time to show your artistic sense. Write the type of content that matches your website needs. Also start designing your website. Try to make your website attractive. Website developing software make it simpler for website publishers. It is useless to write content with having any reach to the audience. People usually go to search engines when they have any query. So, start SEO side by side. Your content must be discover-able and searchable. SEO is also a skill and art. You may learn it with time. Or simply you can hire an SEO specialist.
Hope, you find this post simple and informative in the quest to make a website. Questions, queries and comments are welcome. Do ask if you have confusion about any step. Subscribe to BloggingGuide website for latest updates.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Understanding the Concept of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, which is also commonly known as SMM, is an online marketing strategy that compounding internet marketing goals with that of different social media sites. Some of the most popular examples of social media site include Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Different organizations will have different SMM necessities and goals, however, most of the organizations employees these service to increase visibility on the World Wide Web, create brand awareness and reach out to more number of potential customers with their helps and products. Whatever be the concluding behind hiring the services of social media marketing Boston, it is essential that organizations employees these serviced from reputed and experienced companies only, so that they can carried the desired crops and results within LE clocked.

It won’t be aggrieve if we define social media marketing as an indirect method of promoting and marketing one’s business in the highly competitive market in a modern manner.

Over the close few years SMM has emerged as one of the most powerful and efficient marketing tools because it following the traditional marketing principles and U the somebodies day social media to assist a business reach exposed to its targeted audience straight, easy and efficiently.
However, to enjoy maximal benefits from such services, one should always consider hiring the avails of social media marketed Boston, from reputed and reliable work providers only.

Because of the waterway maturation in the online marketplace, there is no incertitude in it that, if you privation to seat your concern grow globally, then you definitely demand to mark your immanence online. The internet has to offering several source such as forums, blog and community, along with the popular social networking site, which tin be used as efficient medium to build a global concern web and range putout to targeted customer easily. The construct of networking through social medium is Saami as that of networking in a traditional mode, but the solon otherness is that, social medium has to offering much bigger platform to concern, than the traditional medium. Moreover, with the assist of companies offer service of social medium marketing Boston, the social medium site as networking platform tin be used in a very effective fashion and the desired event tin be obtained without having to dross clip and appropriation.

If you too are interested in hiring SMM service to assistance your concern perform bettor, then you demand to brand a selection carefully. The internet is the best spot to store for the most suitable SMM run and service for your company, available at the best damage.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Getting To Know Adsense Program And The Number One Rule

How does the Google Adsense program operates for Webmaster’s looking to gain income from their blogs and websites?

The revenue format is simple. The webmaster pays Google for displaying their ads and Google pays you back when visitors click on these ads through your website. The ads are targeted according to the keywords entered by the user and the content you use. If you for example write about beauty and fashion tips, your Google Adsense will display beauty and fashion related ads.
The thing here is, the webmaster is paying Google to display ads across sites with an Adsense account in hopes that they get real traffic and more exposure for the products and services, and drive sales as a result. If you click on ads yourself , or tell others to click on these ads or use robots and other systems to click on these links, you are actually “stealing” that money from website owners and Google who want real targeted ads from people who are really interested to click on them. If you pay Google to advertise your business on Google ads, wouldn’t you feel scammed if your ads are clicked by people with no real interest in your ads? For this reason, Google doesn’t tolerate invalid/fake links from Webmaster’s who do so just to generate Adsense revenue.
There are more legit and efficient ways to maximise your earning potential such as writing great quality content regularly and customising the appearance of your ads.
You shouldn’t tell your friends and family to click on your ads to help you out. This isn’t a car boot sale and you’ll have to understand that the ads are not yours and someone else paid Google to display their ads in hopes on getting clicks from people who are really interested in what you have to offer.
If you have to resort to these sort of tactics, it means that you are not optimising your Adsense account to its fullest potential.