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Top 5 Antivirus for PC in August 2018

What Is Antivirus ?


Antivirus is a program which makes your framework perfect and secure from an unsafe infection, worms, and assaults through a filtering procedure. Infection evacuation is a straightforward procedure and it is additionally exceptionally extensive. When we refresh the Antivirus program, it refreshes their infection registry. These updates are vital in light of the fact that new infections are discharged each day, and they can go undetected if the infection scanner isn't forward. A non-specific hostile to infection checks the database or infection signature and a heuristic against infection utilizes a heuristic calculation and checks noxious character in infection conduct by various factual and other propelled implies.

Importance of Antivirus

Antivirus programming is the "policeman" at the door of a PC framework. It ensures the PC from approaching dangers and searches out, obliterates and cautions of conceivable dangers to the framework. New infections are turning out constantly. It is the activity of the antivirus programming to stay aware of the most recent dangers. This is accomplished by day by day updates of the antivirus database definitions, which check the most recent dangers to give consistent assurance.

Antivirus protect you from data fraud and cybercrimes. The product does this by blocking PC infections with their antivirus assurance highlights.

It shields your information from being debased, which will spare you a great deal of time and exertion. Also assurance from losing vital records and archives.

Antivirus projects can accelerate your PC, as they will likewise de-mess reserved dangers.

It shields your common systems from infection assaults, for example, Trojan Horses.

Finally, having antivirus is critical in light of the fact that it can spare you a ton of cash too.

Having a PC without an antivirus software is only a solicitation to noxious projects to degenerate your framework and take touchy data. A decent antivirus program must be introduced in your PC to guarantee that you are protected on the web and disconnected.

Types of Antivirus

Antivirus software filters your PC in various approaches to distinguish and clean the malware.

Conventional Antivirus programs utilize Signature-based malware recognition where it checks the records and looks at particular codes against the mark database. On the off chance that it finds a copy document, it will either erase or isolate the record, in view of the program design. This kind of program needs general updates and its filtering procedure doesn't require web network.

Some Antivirus programming use Behavior-based malware location where it screens the program rather than a product manufacture. This sort of examining is called heuristics which can square new infections. On the off chance that it distinguishes any anomalous conduct, it is possible that it will tell you or stop the suspicious program.

Other new Antivirus programs utilize cloud-based filtering where customer programming keeps running on the work area and build up an association with the server in the cloud. This kind of Antivirus programming needs a web association with check what is going on over your system. It might utilize the blend of the above methods to locate the suspicious activities, hinder the significant program and report the episode to cthe loud.

Top 5 Antivirus

Luckily, there are numerous antivirus programs accessible, both free and paid.


Bitdefender is extraordinary compared to other Antivirus program that offers both free and paid answers for the clients. In the event that you simply require great malware protection on your PC, at that point, Bitdefender's free release will complete an extraordinary activity of securing you against the most recent dangers. In any case, on the off chance that you need full protection including on the web assurance and encoded information transmission, at that point you should pay for it.

Bitdefender incorporates coordinating basic highlights, for example, planned outputs, email insurance, hostile to spyware administrations. Furthermore, Bitdefender encourages you by defending you from con artists and accompanies free credit observing administration. You can get extra data about the free credit checking administrations through the Bitdefender site.


McAfee Antivirus has been the second most famous antivirus program available for a considerable length of time, which has empowered the organization to bond their situation as a solid contender to Symantec. It gives spyware and infection security inside one program, as opposed to independently the same number of different projects do. It is important to take out a membership to utilize McAfee, yet it will give you access to consistently refreshing infection insurance.


AVG is a standout amongst the most mainstream antivirus programs that can be acquired for nothing, and it's anything but difficult to download straightforwardly from the web. Notwithstanding not taking up a lot of room on a hard drive, it can likewise work with various diverse Windows working frameworks. It fuses both antivirus and antispyware capacities and works by checking every one of the records on the PC at general interims. Also, it can isolate infection documents with the goal that they can't do any damage before they can be checked and erased.


Norton Security enables you to protect up to five devices and PC's. This can be overseen from the proprietor's online record with extra specialized online help in any case. It doesn't stop there, from the everyday protection of different malware. This item additionally protect you from phishing endeavours. 


Avast is known for its free antivirus arrangement that offers solid protection and satisfies every single fundamental necessity of the clients. With Avast free form, you will get finish continuous malware security and along with the capacity to filter your PC utilizing Quick Scan, Full Scan and Boot-time Scan. You will likewise get some other helpful highlights like, programmed programming updater, program additional items remover, arrange scanner and insurance against malevolent sites.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Google Knows Everything About You

What Does Google Know?


In our busy life, Google is becoming a great assistant for us. Google can solve most of our every query. By the using of android smartphone, our life becomes easier and smart. Because, the Android operating system is a product of Google. That's why, Google keeps track of everything, where I am going, what I am searching, etc.

Take a common day of your own life. What time do you go to school, college or office, what is the route of the office from home and how much time do you spend in the office, Google keeps collecting all these information through your android phone. How much time did you spend on the internet, somewhat websites did you see, all this data is collected from your devices. In the evening, which restaurant you have searched for, which movie tickets you have booked online, they all know Google too.
Everything keeps track on your device.

But how does all this happen?

We all use the chrome browser which is from Google Company. So it keeps all your online activity save on your browsing history by using cookies. If your phone has GPS and location tracking enabled, then Google knows about your location.

If you search something by using your voice, then the recording also remains in the history. Google keeps a record of every history. Apart from this, many things Google knows about you.

What does Google know about me?

Do you actually want to know what does Google know about you? Just go to and sign in with your existing Gmail account. Now you can see all your activities performed in the past. You can filter these by using date and product.

How to do this?

After signing with your Gmail account you can see all the services of Google such as CHROME, ANDROID, SEARCH, ADS, YOUTUBE, etc. In the upper left corner of the homepage of “myactivity” click on Item view, you will see all your todays history. Click on plus button for filtering the history by date and product. For Example: Maps and select “All time” and click on search”, all the history of Maps are shown which you searched earlier.

How to stop this?

Only you can see the activities which was saved by Google about you and also control and delete these activities too by clicking Activity Controls in left side menu. You can disable the all these activities. Google could not track you in the future by turning off these settings.

If you search for anything in the future, they are not saved in search history, all the future history will be paused. Such as, location history. If you disable the location history Google cannot save your history, which Place you have searched in Google Maps and where you have visited. Like this, you can disable all the activities of Google in the Activity Control menu.

The negative side is that, if you disable these settings some services could not work properly. For example: if you turn the location history off, Google cannot locate your device. That's why, if your phone will be stolen in future you cannot use this feature for tracking your phone location where it is available now.

Google shows you some ads by your online behavior and Google can guess accurately about your interested products and services. And Google creates a behavioral profile about you.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Best Mobile Wallets In India in 2018

Best Mobile Wallets to Make Online Payments 

Mobile wallets enable us to make charge payment, versatile energize, exchange reserves and significantly all the more utilizing versatile. With e-Wallet applications introduced on your portable, you are no need of conveying money. In this post, I will list download 5 portable wallet applications in India to make online payments.



Paytm is India's biggest versatile installments and trade stage. We enable you to exchange cash right away to anybody at zero cost utilizing the Paytm Wallet. This cash would then be able to be utilized to pay consistently at a few spots like taxi and cars, petroleum pumps, basic supply shops, eateries, coffeehouses, multiplexes, stopping, drug stores, healing centers and kirana shops among others.

You could likewise utilize it to pay for online energizes, service charge installments, book film or travel tickets in addition to other things on the Paytm application or site.


PhonePe from Flipkart Group Company works over Unified Payment Interface. It enables you to make every one of your installments safely. You can make bank to bank exchanges utilizing Virtual Payment Address. As it is an UPI application, there is no compelling reason to include points of interest of the recipient account. PhonePe portable wallet gives you rebates and coupons when you shop on the web. You can top up your portable wallet by connecting it to your financial balance and enables you to execute greatest up to 1 lakh rupees. Ensure you introduce this e-wallet in your portable and make installments on the web. It is accessible for Android.

Airtel Money

Airtel Money wallet got propelled via Airtel Payments Bank. Influence installments, to do versatile revive and exchange cash to your companions of any financial balance utilizing this portable wallet. You can shop online with awesome rebates and coupons. Managing an account and settlement administrations are bolstered via Airtel Money. With this e-Wallet application, you can make installments with only a solitary snap. It is accessible for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Phone


Mobikwik is another flexible and secure application that enables you to pay or exchange cash utilizing the portable number. It enables you to influence portable to energize and pay charges in a moment or two. Utilize Mobikwik portable wallet and purchase anything on the web with great rebates. Making charge installments, versatile revive, shopping and more has turned out to be simple with Mobikwik portable wallet. It is accessible for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


FreeCharge e-Wallet enables you to include credit and check cards which make it simple to make installments. It is the quickest developing computerized installment stage enabling you to pay power bills, portable and DTH energize and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Utilize FreeCharge versatile wallet and maintain a strategic distance from long lines. It makes us simple to make on the web and advanced installments safely utilizing versatile. FreeCharge is accessible for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

What is Digital Payment?

Digital payment is a method of payment which is made through digital modes. In digital payments, payer and payee both utilize computerized modes to send and get cash. It is additionally called electronic payment. No hard trade is included out the digital payments. Every one of the exchanges in computerized payments is finished on the web. It is a moment and an advantageous approach to making payments.

Digital payment

On the off chance that we discuss money payments, you need to first pull back money from your record. At that point, you utilize this money to pay at shops. Businessperson goes to the bank to store the money which he got from you. This procedure is tedious for you and furthermore for the retailer. Be that as it may, in computerized payments, the cash exchanges from your record to the businessperson's record promptly. This procedure is programmed and neither you nor the retailer is required to visit the bank.

digital payments spare you from long lines of ATMs and banks. Since, in the event that you pay carefully, you won't have to pull back money from your record. It likewise heaps of time and a tad cash too.

Why Digital Payment?

Digital payment


This is the primary motivation behind why digital payment choices are growing step by step making it less demanding for the general population to decide on computerized exchanges rather than money. Neither do you need to remain in ceaseless lines for taking out cash from the ATM, nor will you need to convey a group of money. Your wallet won't appear to be overwhelming any longer. 

Highly secure 

It is more secure to pay carefully than conveying money which can have odds of getting stolen while you are in a hurry. Profoundly secure instalment choices make it less demanding for each person to execute for anything, anyplace with no hazard or risk. There is a method for hindering the wallet or the Visas if there should arise an occurrence of any sort of dangers. 

Limited spending 

You will have a record of the amount you have spent in a given timeframe which will enable you to eliminate pointless expenses. You can track your past exchange points of interest too in the event that you neglect to recollect where precisely did all the cash go. With money, you have zero chance of remembering or following how you spent a part of your cash. Likewise, you will contribute increasingly and spend less on superfluous things. 

Unmatchable rebates 

Regardless of whether you influence a computerized exchange while you to pay at your petroleum cost, revives, charge instalments or for obtaining anything, you know you will be qualified for a universe of exceptional rebates which generally wouldn't have been conceivable. This is an aid for individuals as they can spare some cash amid every exchange through the PayTM that will influence you to need to buy at an awesome arrangement. Presently you can buy more at a low value which is extremely cool. 

No additional stresses 

While you generally need to stress over correct change when you pay with money, you don't need to do as such with digital exchanges. There is no compelling reason to pay additional all the while. You can pay the correct sum with no sort of issues. Isn't that staggering? 

The fantasy of each Indian has utilized a helpful technique for paying, spending less on superfluous things and snatch the flawless scope of rebates. In this way, to influence this fantasy to work out as expected go for an anchored digital payment strategy and say 'farewell' to every one of your stresses.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

What is Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free online reference book that gives open substance to its clients. It is composed cooperatively and transparently by a network of both real and self-broadcasted specialists who call themselves Wikipedians. It was made Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger and was at first slated to be a revenue driven site used to help Wales' and Sanger's prior wander into online reference book space, Nupedia. It is a sort of site intended to make cooperation and alteration of both substance and structure simple, called a "wiki." Its motivation and degree in the end turned into a site that stores data on almost all themes known to man, as in a reference book, and in this way it was named Wikipedia as an amalgamation of these two ideas.

Online reference book Wikipedia comprises of a huge number of articles in excess of 270 dialects. The name originates from the Hawaiian word wiki signifying 'snappy', which has step by step been embraced to indicate a sort of innovation that empowers synergistic sites and 'reference books'.

The articles on Wikipedia are composed by countless volunteer donors everywhere throughout the world. Furthermore, countless enlisted guests make day by day alters to the substance. Subsequently, Wikipedia is a gigantic online wellspring of data on a colossal scope of subjects.

Those contributing as scholars and editors can do as such paying little heed to their capabilities, so quality can change and some 'altering' is done for not through and through positive reasons. All clients are encouraged to counsel different sources to confirm Wikipedia's substance before citing it in a genuine distribution, as its 'open source' approach abandons it helpless against mistakes.

Key advantages and highlights of Wikipedia

  • It's anything but difficult to seek.
  • The substance page goes about as a guide and separates articles by subject.
  • The gathering of 'highlighted content' articles speak to the specific best of Wikipedia.
  • Superb connecting inside articles takes you to content on various parts of a similar subject.
  • Outer sources are recorded toward the finish of generally articles.
  • Articles regularly incorporate pictures as well as sound/video content.
  • Inside the 'Network entrance', you can communicate with others adding to Wikipedia, discover what's being taken a shot at what still should be included.
  • You can join and contribute alters or new articles.
  • The gathering is an incredible place to talk about everything Wikipedia.
  • Substance can be found in various dialects.

– despite the fact that, as the representation above shows, English is by a long shot the most famous.

How to create an account in Wikipedia

You can easily create an account in Wikipedia by following these simple steps:
  1. Go to the homepage of Wikipedia by this link and select your language.
  2. After that click on "create account" on the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Fill the require field such as username, password, confirm password, email (email is optional) and then enter the text shown in the below box.
  4. And then click on "create your account".
Now you are a registered Wikipedians from Wikipedia.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Types Of Attacks On Computer System

In today's information technology oriented world, it is very important to protect your computer from malicious activities and attacks. These days security has become a major concern for computers connected to the internet. A computer encounters security risks from various sources, such as remote hackers, virus hackers, etc. from the internet.
Source of images: google
An attack is defined as an effort to gain access, modify, damage or steal the information from the computer. It is important for a user to understand each type of attack to be able to identify it. Let us understand some attacks described below.

Identity Theft or hacking

Identity theft or hacking occurs in the attacker breaks into the computer through the internet by tricking the computer's security mechanism and extracts confidential information from the computer. This type of attacker can access all the personal details such as user name, password of a person from his computer.

An example of this type of attack is when an attacker is able to illegally access the bank details and obtain the password of the users. This attacker can then illegally transfer money from the users account to his own account.

Malicious Code Attacks

Malicious code enter a computer system through e-mails, web content, Internet file downloads and removable media such as flash drives or zip drives. These are a type of malware such as computer virus, Trojan horses, etc. Malicious code can seriously harm the computer's hardware and software.

Virus, Worms and Trojans

These are a type of malicious code attacks. A virus is a software program code that can harm computer hardware, operating system or application software. A virus generally arrives in the system through e-mails.

Once a virus is inadvertently activated, it begins damaging activities such as deleting files, corrupting and destroying applications, disabling devices on a computer or reformatting hard disk.

A worm virus is also a computer virus that can self-replicate, mostly without human intervention. Other kinds of viruses rely more on curiosity or user naivete to spread.

The famous examples of worm viruses are ILOVEYOU, Michelangelo, and MSBlast. This worm can come to the system via email with the subject line and an attachment. The moment you will open the email and click the attachment, this worm will download itself on the computer and start a series of harmful activities, such as deleting files with the extensions .COM, .EXE and .INI.

Trojan Horse is arrives in a computer system or network through software downloads, e-mail attachments, websites containing executable content, media player and chat applications. It presents itself as a useful program to the user but performs damaging activities once executed.

Email Hacking

In this type of attack, the hacker tries to access an email account illegally. By providing a strong password, this type of attacks can be warded off.

Phishing and Online Fraud

Phishing is a trap laid for the user through the emails. Here, the user gets an email that guides the user to a website. This website tricks the user into providing personal information such as user ID, password, debit card number, PIN, etc. These websites shows themselves to be legitimate organization. But in reality, they are fake. There purpose is to stealing the users personal information and is misused in a variety of ways.

How to protect your privacy by using Antivirus Software

As the computer is vulnerable to so many different types of harmful attacks from the internet, it is important to arm it with some software that can protect it from them. Such a software that shields the computer from the harmful influences coming through the internet is called an Antivirus software.

Antivirus Software serves the following purposes:

  • Protects the computer from harmful attacks happening via the internet.
  • Detects any attack if it is made in the computer via internet.
  • Informs the user about such an attack.
  • Takes action to help the computer get rid of such malicious software programs that have entered through the internet.

Steps to use Antivirus Software

Following steps can be used to install and use antivirus software on a computer:

  • Install the Antivirus on computer.
  • Run scan and remove any virus, if present.
  • Schedule scan to run automatically every week.
  • Also schedule the scan to run and check whenever a download happens from the internet

Email and Password Security

Antivirus Software cannot prevent a person's email from being hacked. This can be done by providing a strong password for one's email account. If certain guidelines are observed regarding email password, a person can create strong passwords that would protect his/her email from being hacked.

Guidelines for setting strong passwords are as follows:

  • Passwords should be long, easy to remember and complex.
  • They should be different from the username.
  • Passwords should be changed every two months.

A strong password contains each of the following:

  • Alphabets Both Upper and Lower Case (A,a)
  • Numbers (1,2,3)
  • Special Characters (@, &, ?)
It is important to note that passwords should not be written anywhere.